Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tim's 46th birthday

The day started out with Tim's usual stop
at Starbucks for his Caramel Latte, and
one of our regular baristas, Brianna, wrote
on his cup sleeve, and then gave him his
drink free, yay! We then had to run and
do two quick things at two job sites then
Tim had to renew his driver's license,
nothing like leaving it til the last minute.

We then chilled at out local Starbucks in
the afternoon, with new drinks of course,
and enjoyed each others company, read,
and went online while there.

The girls and their boys came over for
dinner of burgers and salads, and then we
played a game of Pictionary, had cake, and
then after Jordyn and Jeff left, the four of
us played a game of Whoonu, :)

All in all, I am pretty sure Tim had
a nice relaxing day surrounded by
those that love him.

Project Life Week 12

Week 12, lots of photos for this week,
so used my trusty Photosheet to make
4x6 collages for those days with lots of
pictures. This is a look at the full week,
and I purchased non Project Life inserts
from my LSS to change up things a bit.
These are 4x4 inserts and allow for a
different look now and again throughout
the album. This week, the entire right hand
side is for one day :)

We were joined by my brother in law and sister
in law at the races on Sunday afternoon, so
I captured more photos then I usually do
when we are there. I also used one of the spots
for a journalling entry just about the day,
and then the top two spots I used the program
cover to fill that space and as a bit of a title.

The right hand side is lots of photos, and I focused on one
color scheme for the week with the teals, and did all my
journalling in a typewriter font. To balance all the color
on this side with the other, I added the number stickers
that come with the core kit on the left hand side to add
just a hint of color to it, and blend it in to this side.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New LO of Tim and I

Yesterday my sister in law snapped this
picture of hubby and I at the races, and
although it was on my iphone, and
just a bit grainy, I still love it. We don't
take a lot of pictures of ourselves, and
usually not taken by someone else, it's
usually the extended arm photo taken
to capture an event or place we are at.

And because I loved this picture, it actually
inspired me to scrapbook a LO today, yay!
I printed out the picture in black and white
something I am into again right now for LO's.

All the products used on this LO are from
7gypsies, except the double sided pattern
paper and that is Bo Bunny's called
Timepiece Unlocked. I used the darker
side for the main LO and just a ripped
strip of the key side of the paper.

I had recently pinned a LO similar to this
on my Pinterest board, and knew I wanted
to do something like it myself. And since
I am a big lover of all things 7gypsies, I had
all the pieces ready and waiting to be used.

I planned my journalling out first on computer
paper, and then carefully layered the cards
onto the printout to get the printing to line
up on both cards, and I was surprised that
the thickness didn't pose to be a problem
for my printer (a big sigh of relief)

The journalling is just from the heart, at
this moment in our lives. Especially, as
the girls get older, we spend more time
as a couple then we do as a family.

Good thing we still like each other, eh?

Project Life Week 11

This weeks full spread of project life. I didn't
have good quality photos this week, and still
wanted to use them, so I used 2x2 print outs
of them on the 3x4 insert cards. I really like
how this week looks. Very clean and crisp.

The right hand side is all photos from both
Tim and I's Instagram app, and although
they aren't the best quality, I wanted
to have some photos that were not
just taken by me as per usual.

Here's the right hand side of the LO, it
was a bit without bland, and didn't seem to
tie into the left hand side, something was
missing, a punch of color to co ordinate
the two sides, there was no teal on this side.

Here is the left hand side, and as you can see,
there is lots of color on this side. I really love
how this looks, I may have to do something
similar with the journaling cards again. I didn't
have a 4x6 photo for the top corner pocket,
so I just used two quotes I had copied off
of Pinterest this past week.
After rethinking the right hand side, I decided
to add a punch of the teal by just using the
number stickers that come with the
Clematine set. This was just what the
side needed to bring it all together.

Thanks for looking, I appreciate any comments
you may wish to leave.

The process of this week's Project Life.

This week I decided to do each day the exact
same way since I was using the insert with
lots of the 3x4 pockets. Not wanting to have
to rework each one, pick a new font for each
as well, like I do in other weeks, I made a
template in which I just reused each day
and changed what was needed.

So after printing out a rough draft on computer
paper, I then lined it up with the journaling cards
I wanted to use, from the Clematine Set, I then
used masking tape to attach the card onto
the computer paper and re feed it through my
computer to print it on the card. This worked well
and I repeated it for each day of the week.

I used all the same insert cards, and it made for
a nice clean linear look for this weeks layout.

After I printed each one out, I attached the
accompaning photo to each card with either
a few strips of masking tape, or with mini staples.

Here's a look at all of them before putting them
into my album. The one for Saturday is blocked
on purpose as it has a friends baby as the photo
and I didn't want to share that without her permission.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The finished graduation LO's for Jordyn

I have recently finished off a pile of half done LO's
that have just needed a few finishing touches to make
them done in my eyes. 4 of those were LO's I had
started from Jordyn's graduation, last June.

The below 2 photos are of the same LO, which ended
up being a 4 pager, these to pictures below are the front
and the back of the 4 pages, with the next below photo
being the middle section. These are most of the photo's
I took of Jordyn and then her grad dinner/dance date,
Chris, a friend of hers from school. Although they weren't
a couple, they both looked so good together all dressed up.

I was thankful that although Jordyn hadn't been
looking forward to the event, that she did have
fun, and snapped a few photos, and even more
thankful that she shared them with me. The invite
was a big looking playing card, to go along with
the Vegas theme to the dance.

The day of her commencement, we took many
photos, both before she had on her cap and gown,
and then afterwards...and I am so happy Tim wasn't
his usual one picture self, and had fun with the photo
shoot, much like the girls and I did, along with Linda.

The last photo is that off photos taken both by me,
and Jordyn as well. Glad we have a mix of formal
and informal photos from her last moments of high school

More vacation LO's

I managed to finish up a few more LO's
about our past visit to Long Beach and
Las Vegas, from last July none the less.

This LO below is just a fun one I did
showcasing my first food truck dinner
experience. I so loved the variety, and
I even kept the stick my ice cream came
on to include on my LO.

The LO below is a 2 page on I did of our
visit up to the new bridge spanning the river
between Nevada and Arizona, up at the
Hoover Dam. Our friend Mike and I ventured
up to check it out, while his wife Andy and my
hubby Tim stayed below, being chickens about
heights and all. We did manage to coax them
up for a looksy, but not too close to the edge.

This was from our first day in Long Beach, the start
of the days there are always foggy, due to the harbour
mist, so we ventured out to a local place that our friends
really like, called Portuguese Cove, and enjoyed
a exploring adventure and some minimal rock climbing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Life Week 10

Week 10 of project life, thinking that while this is
a weekly chore, and yes, it does kinda feel like a
chore, but a happy one at least, I am enjoying the
process and learning what I like and don't like.
I am also more aware when I don't have many
photos from the week, and then look back to
tell a story or talk about someone's week, and
realize I have no photo to go with it. I strongly
dislike that, and this week was a good example
of that. Amy was busy, and spent a lot of time
to herself this week, so when I look back, I had
no picture of her to include, so I did what I
could, and took a photo of her tweet's from
a few days of last week and printed that out.

This is the the whole week side by side,
and I used two of the 4x6 pockets at the
top to hold bits and pieces from our week.
The riot wanted poster, a cover from the
racing program, a few non winning betting
slips on the one side, and on the other,
two days torn off my daily calendar to
record Amy's friends birthdays, an
unwinning lotto max ticket and the
receipt from shopping for Evalie's gift.

Here's the left side, and I only had two days
last week in which I documented with multiple
photos, Sunday and Tuesday so I just used my
go to program Photosheet to get the collage, then
my Kodak printer to add journaling to both.

The photo of Jordyn, and the quote, which I
copied from Pinterest, were in conflict with
each other, she was wearing hot pink, and
the saying was dark blue, so I printed the photo
in black and white so it matched. This also allowed
my journalling to be printed in white to stand
out a lot better against the photo.

The right hand side, and this is my favorite of all
the page inserts in the Project Life variety pack,
has lots of little photos, mostly from Instagram,
and I could be a bit more creative on this side.

I also did something a bit different when recording
which week it was on the "True Stories" insert. I also
used many different types of fonts this week, mainly
because I've been finding my favorites over the last
few weeks, and wanted to have a more random
feel to the page. The middle inside two pockets
I actually cut one of the 4x6 journal cards into 2,
rounded the corners and used them for two seperate
entries, but still got the punch of color I was wanting.

For those of you who have been following along with
my project life, I thank you for checking it out, and for
those of you knew to my Project Life blog updates, welcome.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project LIfe Week 9

I finished Week 9 on Sunday, but hadn't did my
summary page for the month of February until
this afternoon. I hadn't opened the two envelopes
that had contained the clippings from my dad's
obituaries from back east, and today felt right,
like I was ready to do so, and put the month
of February behind us. I used the 6x12 insert
to not only house the summary but also to hold
the sympathy cards we had received, and the
copies of both of dad's obituaries.

Here is a look at the full week

and below is a look at just the left hand side,
this week I also kept little bits and pieces and
included them in the top left hand pocket.

Here's a close up of the right hand side, but with the insert
not flipped over, just to show a close up of what's in
the pocket and read my journaling.

Below is the close up of the right hand side with the
insert flipped over, on this side, I included the booklet
from the racetrack as well as some loosing betting slips.

And here is the close up of the right hand side all
by itself. I didn't take a whole lot of photos this week,
but I had a few that I wanted to include, so I just did
a quick little collage in the bottom right pocket.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Life Week 5

I originally had week 5 posted a few weeks ago, and then
realized a few days later that I had included a photo with
personal information on it, so I deleted the post, and am just
reposting it again today. As you can see in the below photos,
there is one photo missing for online sake only.

This 5th week was extremely hard for me to put together,
because on the last day of my week, I go Sunday thru
Saturdays in my documentation, my dad passed away
suddenly, turning my world upside down for a while.
I just couldn't face putting this week together,
struggled with trying to focus on the rest of what
had happened in theweek, when the only thing I could think
about was my dad.With a few weeks passed now, I was finally
able to finish up this week and the two that have passed since.

You will notice that this week has a 6x12 insert in it, and a
thin divider to identify the new month. The insert I haveused to do a
month in review, and add any other detailsI may have missed but
wanted to include in the month.

Above is the left hand side of the page.

and the right hand side with the divider.

here's a look at the week with the divider turned over.
I loved that I got the card and letter from Erika that week
and was able to include it in the pocket.

and here is the right hand side without the insert.

Project Life Week 8

I had much more fun doing week 8 of Project Life.
Reason for this is that I finally figured out what I
wanted out of the project, and a photo album with
journaling wasn't it. And although for many people
that works well, but for me, with my creative juices
finally flowing again, it just wasn't enough. Now there
is a small part of me that wants to redo the previous
weeks, I will refrain from doing so, and just watch as
Project Life grows along with me over the year.

The photo above is a view of both sides of this
weeks spread, and if you compare this to previous
weeks, you will see how it has changed, more little
bits and pieces to make it look more like mini LO's
instead of just photo's inserted to fill up the week.

On this left hand side, I focused on the story of the week, which
was only using photos I had taken with Instagram, which I have
just gotten for my Iphone, and was crazily snapping and posting
photos all week last week. That being said, I didn't print any out
full sized, and all of them are 2x2 in size. I also mixed up type's
of fonts and added some stickers and staples both inside and
outside of the page protectors.

This is the right hand side, and for this side, I used multiple photos
on a 4x6 print to document our night out for Linda's birthday. I also
used a strip of 3 photos from a breakfast date with Gramma before
Jordyn headed to work on Saturday. I also found the "You are here"
on the internet, and printed it out on one of the inserts that come with
the project life core kit. Lucky for me, the colors were pretty close so I
didn't change up a thing for it. All in all, this is more close to my actual
style of scrapbooking, so I thing if I continue to approach each week
in this manner, I will much more enjoy the process throughout the year.