Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our new place

Welcome to my photographic tour of our new
rental townhouse. We moved in on May 31st,
and we've been working hard to get it
all set up to call home.

The view from the street, love the little fence
and all the landscaping.

One of the first things I did after we moved in 
was get these two flower pots, I love having them
welcome people into our home.

The downstairs entry way. The only rooms down here 
are Jordyn's bedroom and a bathroom and the
entry for the garage.

The view as you walk up to the
second floor, the main living area.

The kitchen is the first thing you see when you come up.
I love the light maple cabinets and the floors. Oh and
the black appliances are nice too.

This is the other side of our large kitchen, meant to
have an eating area, but I got those two pantry units
to house all my scrapbooking supplies.

The small patio is off the kitchen and is big
enough for a table, chairs and the bbq

The kitchen counter has a overhang to put stools
but with the sink right there, it's kind of a weird spot
to have stools, so for now, I'm doing a loft style
photo gallery of the girls grad photos.

The walls were all painted these colors when we moved
in and I love them. My country style works so well
with this color scheme. This is the one side of the
dining room area.

This is the wall on the other side of the dining room. 
I have had that ladder for ages, but have always used
it for hanging quilts on, I love that I decided to hang
it on the wall, love how this looks.

The main floor view standing at the far wall of the 
living room.

The living room, I did a main wall of all my canvas
art collected into one space, love how it looks. And 
we are now using 3 red leather ottomans as our coffee
table with a big tray on it.

The wall that the staircase upstairs is on, The corner
fireplace is massive and awkward, so we used the
space for display and then all of our entertainment
components, DVD's etc. The big canvas is one
Tim picked out of NY City.

A closer look at the canvas wall and my punch 
of red with the ottomans. LOVE it!!!

Our bedroom is on the top floor along
with Amy's. I love doing a grouping of
photos like this gallery above our beds.

A little corner in our room that allowed
me to showcase lots of my framed
photographs of family.

The space between the door and washroom.

Love this ensuite bath. The color is actually more of
a terracotta color and I had so much fun decorating it
with a new color scheme of towels etc.

Thank you for taking my new home tour, I hope one day 
you can come for a visit for coffee or tea and a nice
long chat. 

My 44th birthday

My birthday started out with another treat by
Jordyn to Timmies for a donut and drink, then
she was off to do her own thing for the day. 
Amy was over in Victoria with Daniel, so it was
just Tim and I hanging out for the day.

Look who got a new iphone for her birthday,
yay me and thank you Tim for convincing me
to upgrade from my old iphone.

My favorite Starbucks barista Brianna wrote a
note on my frappe, and of course, my drink was
on the house.

Jason and Michelle joined us at Montana's for
dinner, and since they both made sure our waiter
knew it was my birthday I got to wear the antler's
while the wait staff sang happy birthday to me.

Mother's Day 2012

My day started with Jordyn taking me to Tim Horton's for
a donut and a french vanilla drink before she had to go to
work. Then Amy took me out to the Dublin Pub, which
was having a Mother's Day brunch and we enjoyed 
good food and each other's company.

This was my yummy brunch, Southern Comfort
french toast, so good.

Yup the posed annual Mother's day picture, lol!

The girls had the boys join us on the beach for my
special dinner, of a subway picnic. I love having my
Mother's day dinner on the beach, and last year the
weather didn't allow it, so I was so thankful for the
beautiful warm evening. 

The photos above are Jordyn and Jeff, and
Amy with Daniel, so glad the boys are joining
us on our special occasions, as we are all 
getting to know one another better and
becoming a part of each other's lives.

Good times today, being surrounded by those I love and
who love me back unconditionally. Thanks for a great
Mother's day dear family.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom's visit

Mom got here on the 16th of April and left on the 10th of May, so we had lots of time for catching up, talking, laughing, and some crying too. Love that we both wanted to take lots of photos to document her visit. These photos are in no real order, just uploaded them as they were in my digital file. 


Mom's visit was full of picture taking by both of us, so I've posted most of the ones that have her together with one of us or as a family. The last picture is one of both my mom and Tim's mom, and I don't think they've had their picture taken together since out wedding. I am happy that I not only had the chance to see my mom for the first time in over 7 years but that we got to spend so much quality time together and that I have so many wonderful photo memories as well.