Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom's visit

Mom got here on the 16th of April and left on the 10th of May, so we had lots of time for catching up, talking, laughing, and some crying too. Love that we both wanted to take lots of photos to document her visit. These photos are in no real order, just uploaded them as they were in my digital file. 


Mom's visit was full of picture taking by both of us, so I've posted most of the ones that have her together with one of us or as a family. The last picture is one of both my mom and Tim's mom, and I don't think they've had their picture taken together since out wedding. I am happy that I not only had the chance to see my mom for the first time in over 7 years but that we got to spend so much quality time together and that I have so many wonderful photo memories as well.

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