Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Life Week 21

So this week once again focuses on least
the first side of the spread does as it was my
birthday on the Monday and we had stuff going
on, mostly all for me... :) 

I had these great photos from our dinner out with Jason
and Michelle, but they were all yellow tinged from 
being inside a low light restaurant and being taken
with our Iphones. So to make them all look the
same I just converted them into black and white.

I also love how my journaling cards worked out, I used
the blank, graph cards that come in the Clementine
Core Kit, and stamped them with the box stamp
I've had for years, and just printed my journaling
out on my computer, then added the arrow to each
afterwards to direct the eye to the photo.

On Saturday night, we went to the Roger Water's 
concert and it was so amazing, that I wanted to use
a couple of the collage pages I made for my IG feed 
and decided to use them like pocket to hold some
of the the goodies from the night.

Project Life Week 20

This was a busy week and I had lots of little stories to tell.
I used 2x2 pictures ontop of my journaling cards to allow
me to share more this week. I also have been playing
a bit of with new ways of dating my journaling cards,
and this is another one I will use again.

This page of 6x6 squares allowed me to tell the story of
my mother's day and include a lot of the pictures we got
that day. The day was full of stuff, from early morning
coffee with Jordyn, brunch with Amy then all of us
down at Crescent Beach for a picnic of Subway.

I also included pictures of when Jordyn took me for
a pedicure on Tuesday and I took a business card
just to use in my project life.

Half price frappe week was also going on, so you know we
left work early to take advantage of it on more then one
occasion :) I really like how these cards look all together
on the spread, make it flow so nicely together.

Project Life Week 18

Mom's last week with us was packed with things to do.
I helped her make a mini album of her trip, showed her
some scrapbooking tricks and techniques and watch
as she put most of the album together.

This is a mish mash of photos, journalling and just
happy fun memories of our time with my mom.
Lots of game of Yahtzee and Phase 10 were played,
and of course silly happy fun.

I also did up my month in review for April, and included it
in the 6x12 insert page.

On the back of the insert, I included some of my favorite
Instagram photos, all in 2 x 2 size so that they could also
be included in my Project Life.

Saturday was a hard emotional day for me,
and I tried to keep it in check, but by the time
the evening rolled around I just wanted to curl
up in a ball and cry. Mom was leaving the next 
day and I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet. 
We went to Jason and Michelle's for a game of
Rummoli and a great dinner. After dinner, Jason 
asked Amy is she'd like to go on a ride on his 
motorcycle and of course she said yes, then
convinced me to do the same, and I'm so glad
I did, it was so much fun, so freeing, to just feel
the wind in my face, the road whipping by, and 
I was instantly put in a good mood, allowing me
to enjoy a great family evening.

Project Life Week 19

This week was bittersweet as mom left on Sunday
night to go back home. I was a mixture of sad, happy
and ready to let her go. We had a wonderful visit,
had lots of fun, shed many tears, had some family
turmoil and a major event happen all in her short 
three week visit. 

This first page highlights the day mom left, first
with a family photo shoot outside of our house,
luckily, Daniel was over so he was our photographer
and was just snapping picture after picture, so I 
included some of the not so great ones in this collage.

It also has a few photos from inside the train station, even
though there were signs posted saying not photography,
like I'm one to listen to such silliness, NOT!
And I didn't even cry when I said goodbye, nor
did she, although I did cry in the truck on the
way home.

The other photo collages were of some raccoons that
visited the jobsite early one morning so of course we
had to stop and watch their antics and take some
pictures, but from the safety of inside the house.

Tim and I also got out one sunny day and took the skytrain
into Vancouver to enjoy a walk all along the seawall,
which we started at Science World, walked all the way
to Granville Island then took the little ferry over to the
other side to continue our walk along the other side.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Life Week 17

This was such a full busy week. We went over to 
Victoria with mom to visit Linda, and we did all 
kinds of things, even though the rain wouldn't let
up and made it difficult to keep busy outdoors.

I also finally figured out how to size and frame text
boxes and after a few hours of playing I managed
to get it sized perfectly to fit the plain core kit 
journaling cards. I also enjoyed stamping all those
little red birds onto each card.

I also had so many photos from our trip and so did
mom and I wanted to include lots of them, so I used
two slide insert page protectors and filled them with 
2x2 photos. This process took hours to cut, corner
round and organize into the sheets, but I do like
how it let me include so many photos for the week.

Below is the left hand side that if just the date insert, 
and then the one photo I loved from Victoria of mom
and myself down in the Inner Harbor. Then the rest is
a daily play by play of the week.

Below is a look at the week but with the slide sheets 
flipped over to reveal the right hand side.

Below is a closer look at the right hand side, once
again I used a collage for each 4x6 photo so I 
could include multiple pictures. Then just continued
with the daily journal entries.

Project Life Week 16

This week was all about my mom!!!! I had waited 7 long
years to see her again, and when she called me from across
the crowed train station I was a mess, crying and couldn't
even get the words out I wanted to say. I am so thankful
that Jordyn knows me well enough to have captured me
hugging mom in a picture, it will be one I treasure always.

This look at the full week below shows that mom was in
most of the pictures and that I wanted to not miss a 
thing with lots of journalling.

The left hand side is nicely balanced with photos
on the outsides and the journalling all down the 
middle on my favorite color of the Clementine
Core Kit. Lots and lots of memories this week.

A variety of things going on below on the right hand 
side of the week, my two favorite photos are the
dog wearing our safety goggles and my mom and
the giant teddy bear at Costco.

Project Life Week 15

Week 15, had us excitedly awaiting my mom's 
arrival on the following Monday, but she left
the Thursday of this week. She was even good
at getting photos of her leaving the station in
Ontario so I could include it in my project life
for this week. The LO for this week is just
basically a mishmash of photos taken almost 
completely on my Iphone. I miss having a good
point and shoot camera, but am really liking 
the convenience of having a phone that has
a decent camera in it. Plus, how else would
I post my life onto

Below is the full spread of the week, I had a few
momentos from the week so included them in
here as well.

The left hand side below is 4 separate LO's of different
"events" like Easter, then of mom's departure, and 
our weekly horse racing dates. Then the multitude of
Starbucks photos I took for IG. :)

The right hand side below is another that I just couldn't
get a nice clear shot of for some reason, so I apologize 
for the blurry photo.More collages of multiple photos,
and I even kept the box cover for the Angry Birds 
bandages that Jordyn bought us as a "gift" The bright
yellow daffodils were in a vacant field near Amy's
work, so of course I trespassed inside the gates
and picked a dozen to brighten up the house. 

Project Life Week 14

 This is week 14 for Project Life. I have been bad and have
fallen so behind on my blog posts for it, so I am hoping to
have them all uploaded in the next few days. For those
of you who visit my blog regularly I thank you for the
fact that you keep coming back lately, especially since
there hasn't been anything new :(

Below is a rather dull photo unfortunately of the full 
spread of the week. We had a a full week of things 
happening, and I used lots of collage prints in this
week. Like I said, poor quality, sorry, but the individual
pages are much clearer.

On the left hand side below, I used a lot of the 
core kit journaling cards with as much info as I
could get on them. And so many photos to include 
so even my 3x4 photos are collages. Lots of pictures.

The right had side below is a 6x6 insert that sometimes
I like to use if I have a busy day or even to mini scrap
about. This whole page is actually dedicated to a 
day trip Tim and I took into Vancouver when we 
had a break in the bad weather and it was sunny
all day  long. We explored streets we never had 
before, found an alley of graffiti art and enjoyed a
 pleasant day together, warm weather and exploring.