Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Life Week 17

This was such a full busy week. We went over to 
Victoria with mom to visit Linda, and we did all 
kinds of things, even though the rain wouldn't let
up and made it difficult to keep busy outdoors.

I also finally figured out how to size and frame text
boxes and after a few hours of playing I managed
to get it sized perfectly to fit the plain core kit 
journaling cards. I also enjoyed stamping all those
little red birds onto each card.

I also had so many photos from our trip and so did
mom and I wanted to include lots of them, so I used
two slide insert page protectors and filled them with 
2x2 photos. This process took hours to cut, corner
round and organize into the sheets, but I do like
how it let me include so many photos for the week.

Below is the left hand side that if just the date insert, 
and then the one photo I loved from Victoria of mom
and myself down in the Inner Harbor. Then the rest is
a daily play by play of the week.

Below is a look at the week but with the slide sheets 
flipped over to reveal the right hand side.

Below is a closer look at the right hand side, once
again I used a collage for each 4x6 photo so I 
could include multiple pictures. Then just continued
with the daily journal entries.

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