Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amy's Commencement 2009

Finally have finished all of Amy's graduation LO's. Good thing too, because I had some for Jordyn's already done.

I included her commencement day school pamplet behind the first page, and I clipped the school taken picture of her inside of it.

Mother's Day 2011

My LO celebrating what makes my

life complete, being the mom to these

two amazing girls. And how spoiled

was I to not only get one bouquet of

flowers, but two. Thanks a bunch. :)

7gypsies painters tray

For a few years I have wanted a painters

tray, yet the hefty price tag of $25 has always

stopped my creative endevors for this one thing.

Well with the help of a 40% off coupon, I was

able to finally purchase one. I have had it a few

weeks and finally today, was in a creative

mood and just went with it, creating what

I think is one of my best altered projects

to date. This was made to showcase our

wonderful vacation to Long Beach CA.

I layers elements, popped pictures and

jouralling bits off the "page" and even

used these awesome little travel

metal tags differently then just hanging

them by their clips. I was over the moon

happy with how this turned out, and

immediately put it up on the wall.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bears, Bears, Bears!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, bears are my favorite animal in the whole world, with tigers a close second. And seeing the Mama Bear and her two cubs on our way up to the Olympic Village was a wonderful treat, and being able to catch a few photos before she disappeared into the woods was even better. But imagine my joy when we happened upon not only another bears, but one more on the way back down as well. What a wonderful way to start our day in Whistler and my birthday.

My birthday weekend

Loving my family on our trip to Whistler for my birthday this year. And all these pictures are out in the wonderful, beautiful outdoors!

An afternoon walk

Our first walk along Crescent Beach of the season and it was so nice and sunny out, a nice breeze off the ocean. One of my all time favorite things to do in the sun :D not sure exactly which nice day last week this was, but there weren't many to choose

My SU hostess month

This is my score for my month of being hostess through

our monthly Stampin Up Club. It was like Christmas morning

when I came home and opened up my bags of goodies.

Now all I have to do is get some time to do some serious

scrapping and use some of my new goodies.

Friday, May 13, 2011

For the love of patterned paper

Some of the most beautiful things in my home is my scrapbooking papers.

My Food adventures

My attempt at making stuffed burgers. I fried up

bacon and added shredded cheese on top of flattened

beef patties (homemade) and then added a top portion.

And even though the burgers were quite flat when I

put them in the oven, they still ended up being plump,

and were a bit dry and the filling kinda just disappeared.

Not sure I'm a fan of making these burgers. But I did

try something new. :)

What do you get when you buy an Angel food cake,

a big package of strawberries and some whipping

creme? A yummy dessert. I took the over ripe

strawberries, some Vanilla syrup and some sugar

and simmered them to make a thick syrup. I then

added the same Vanilla syrup to the whipping cream

as I whipped it up in my mixer. Cut up berries and cake

and voila, a great summery dessert.

Cinco De Mayo!!!!! I couldn't resist taking a picture

of our dinner that night, how mexican can you get?

Nachos!!!!!!! lol!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

My girls both came home with flowers for me

this Mother's awesome is that? I love

having flowers in the house and it was so nice to

have such a difference between the two of them.

Amy gave me sunflowers, so country, and so

fitting for our home decor, and Jordyn a mixed

bunch, so my style as well. Thank you for making

my day special dear daughters of mine <3

Monday, May 9, 2011

National Scrapbooking Day

Saturday May 7th, was National Scrapbooking Day!

Now I didn't actually get any scrapping done, but I

certainly got some scrappy shopping done, all thanks

to Clipper Streets weekend sale of 40% off any one

line of product. And I knew exactly which one I

wanted on my way there. 7 Gypsies is one of my

favorite lines and one of the most expensive. Yes

I totally splurged, but really only spent $100 on

all this stuff (there was also about 20 sheets of

patterned paper that was on sale for 30% off)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A rare trip across the border

After a non eventful trip to Bellis Fair mall, we decided to drive down to the big outlet mall and see what we could find. We managed to find some goodies, and then headed back up to the smaller outlet stores in Burlington.

The bags from our first outlet shopping.

Yes I took a picture of the outlet signs.

All the goodies on the kitchen floor when we got home.

Tim's goodies, two pairs of Vans, a new Yankees hat, and leathermans.

Although Amy was at work, she still got things she wanted, I picked her up 2 pairs of Vans, and much needed earphones.

Jordyn's goodies, a pair of legging capris from Lululemon, 5 tank tops and a candied apple.

I don't usually get many grocery items when we are down in the states, but Jordyn loves Vanilla coke and we can't get it up here anymore, so that was a must, and I found Lays chips with NO MSG!! you have no idea how much I enjoy chips but can't eat them because most flavors and brands have MSG in them, so I kinda bought a few bags, like 5 to be exact. But they are good until the end of June so I won't eat them all too soon. And well Apple Jacks too, can't seem to find those here anymore either.

First voting experience

This year's federal election marked a first for our Amy as this was her first election she was old enough to vote in. And she did not take that right lightly. She researched each party, read as much as she could on them, figured out the platform's, and decided which party she would stand behind and support. She was very worried as the day wore on that she would not get out of work early enough to get to the poles. but luckily, I wasn't working and met up with her at the skytrain to get her to vote in time. And what an evening she was in for. She had her reason's for why she dislked certain parties and what they stand for and as those parties ended up being choosen over and over, her level of stress grew and grew. Now although she learned the hard way that just because we have the right to vote, doesn't mean our candidates always win, but your one vote still can make a difference. And being an educated, and highly motivated woman will get her far in this world. And I am thankful we live in a country in which as a woman she will continue to have the right of free speech and always have a say in what happens in an election with her vote.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Olympic LO

Finally found a way of displaying lots of my Olympic photos in one LO. I also used some maple leaf brads that I've had for years, yay me, and some stickers, which I bought when the Olympics were on, and would never use any other time, but it worked here.