Saturday, May 28, 2011

7gypsies painters tray

For a few years I have wanted a painters

tray, yet the hefty price tag of $25 has always

stopped my creative endevors for this one thing.

Well with the help of a 40% off coupon, I was

able to finally purchase one. I have had it a few

weeks and finally today, was in a creative

mood and just went with it, creating what

I think is one of my best altered projects

to date. This was made to showcase our

wonderful vacation to Long Beach CA.

I layers elements, popped pictures and

jouralling bits off the "page" and even

used these awesome little travel

metal tags differently then just hanging

them by their clips. I was over the moon

happy with how this turned out, and

immediately put it up on the wall.


  1. LOVE it Joanne .. you did an awesome job on it :D

  2. FABULOUS JOB!!! I LOVE it! (of course you knew that I would!) :)

  3. this is AMAZING!!!! You totally rock - you can tell the creative juices were FLOWIN on this one :)