Sunday, October 28, 2012

A picture for every beach we visited

On our latest visit to Long Beach, California,
we were lucky enough to have our friend Mike
available to keep us busy for the entire week
we were down there, and also meant I had our
own personal photographer, to snap a photo of
Tim and I at each beach we visited. And yes, 
Tim even allowed all these photos to be taken.
Oh the magic of being on a beautiful, warm,
sunny beach. What a blessing to be able to
visit such amazing places with a wonderful
husband by my side, and a great friend to
enjoy the journey and exploration with us.

 Tim and I at the first beach we visited on Sunday,
This was in the late afternoon, and was at the
pier on Seal Beach, in southern California.

On Monday, we drove down the coast a little bit, and 
had a wonderful visit on both Huntington Beach, it's pier
and main town street, and then down a bit further to
Laguna Beach, which was the southern most point we
ventured on this or any trip we've had yet to California.

One thing I noticed during our beach visits was the different
feel of the sand beneath my feet and between my toes.
The photo above was Laguna Beach and it's texture
was almost glass like if that makes sense, more granular, 
but still soft, where as Huntington beach is so soft and warm.

On Tuesday, as we neared the later part of the
afternoon we ventured down to the beach in our
host town of Long Beach and enjoyed a casual
walk along the shore as the sun started to set.
Even at this hour, the temperatures were still 
comfortably in the high 80's and made for an 
enjoyable walk and photo taking experience.

Both the photo above and below were taken on the
beach on Wednesday when we visited the pier
in Santa Monica, which is north of Long Beach.
This top photo was the only one not taken by our
friend, but by a lady on the beach, who had no idea 
how to use an Iphone camera, imagine that :)

Notice in the above photo, that Tim's actually holding his
shoes and not wearing them. It's a big deal really, as he
never, ever walks in the ocean waters as it usually makes
his legs break out in hives, but this visit he had the urge
to put his feet in the crashing waves and had no ill
effects from the experience, yay for that!

The top photo was also from Wednesday as
we were lucky enough to have the chance to go a
bit further north up to Malibu, and we had a great
walk along the beach, watching the many surfer's. 
the different kinds of seabirds, and searched for
shells and rocks along the shoreline. This is the only
beach in which we actually beach combed and left
with a handfull of shells, rocks and seaglass.

This last photo was from the end of the day, as
we ventured back south towards Long Beach,
we asked for just one more stop, and that was
Venice Beach, and although we only spent a
short time there as the sun was starting to 
set, we truly felt blessed to have been able
to experience all three wonderful beaches in
one glorious day of fun and adventure.

How can you not want to stay in southern California,
to bury your toes in the warm sand, bask in the glow
of the setting sun, and know that you are doing this in
the company of your soulmate, your better half, the
person who's only footprints matter beside yours in
the sand as you walk along. 

Getting some creative mojo flowing today

I have had this 7gypsies painter's tray  for a while now, 
and I love their sticker sheets, so I knew that I wanted
to use it for our latest vacation photos from California.

After deciding which photos I wanted to use, then
figuring out the right sizing, and printing them out, I
managed to put it together in a few hours, and am quite
happy with how it turned out.

This is a close up look of it standing up on the
table, and the lighting was a bit too harsh, but 
I wanted to show how I placed some of the stickers
so that they are hanging over the sides of the tray.

A few years ago, when Tim and I took the girls
to Long Beach, California for our first real
holiday, I came home and did a painter's tray
as well, so I placed this current one beside
it on the wall in our dining room. I love
how my ladder hanging on the wall, offers
a great display space for things that make
my heart happy.

My first outdoor Halloween decorating

I have never been lucky enough to have a front yard to decorate
during the holidays, so when we moved in our new place back in
June, I knew I was going to enjoy Halloween because it would 
mean I could deck out the front yard and stoop with all fun,
spooky things for the trick or treater's to enjoy. 

Today was one of those days where, although it wasn't a
sunny day, at least it wasn't raining like it has been, so
I set out for a few hours of fun and decorating. I figured that
most of the decorations I have collected over the years 
would withstand our climate and after a few hours, I had
what I believe, to be an awesomely decorated yard.

I was so proud of my spooky creation, that I had
Tim snap a picture of me afterwards, just call me
the nice witch on the block, hehehe!!!

The tree just outside our yard allowed me to hang not only
spider webbing, but also some shrunken heads I've had
for a while that I found at the dollar store.

I lined our fence with a string of leaf garland, and then 
topped it with some rubber pumpkins that I had totally
forgotten I had got last year on clearance after Halloween.
Add a few plastic rats and mice, and you already feel
a bit eerie walking up to the front door.

And well, why not be greeted by a scary, gruesome head
just resting on the hedges at the front of the house.

Up at the front of the yard, there is a pirate graveyard, 
protected by the heads of said pirates, protecting their
kin from grave robbers and the like. 

Unfortunately, they didn't do a great job of protecting the
graves and most of the bones have just been scattered
around the site, making a great feeding site for the
cockroaches seen walking along the bones. 

The front stoop is a mixture of things,
with my hanging pirate, my headless
horseman and a bit of witch things, like
straw brooms, a hat and a cauldron
full of eyeballs, and fingers.

Beware the angry, scary black cat that
feels a bit threatened by strangers.

A close up of those pumpkins on the
fence line, they also look a bit questionable
as far as their personalities, as they look a
bit suspicious to me.

I so can't wait until Halloween night, I want
to see those little tricker treaters enjoying the
spooky house and feeling maybe a bit
scared at the same time. Oh the fun of this
special time of year. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love etching in the sand

I have always loved etching hearts in the wet sand whenever
I've walked the beach, from a teenager on. Maybe it's 
because I've been blessed with the best husband in
the world, and feel that love best expresses what
I am most blessed with in this life of mine. This photo
was taken on our California vacation this past week,
and the evening sun  hit the wet sand so perfectly that
this photo just glows and has so much feeling to it.

I will share more of our vacation photos and memories in
the coming weeks, but for now, just bask in the warmth this
photo evokes. And may you all be blessed with love in
your lives, whether in a soul mate, a child or a loving
mother or father. 

Below is the same etching but at a lower angle, and
the sun has set a bit lower in the sky. Love the colors
in this one, the shadows, the feeling, and the warmth.