Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting some creative mojo flowing today

I have had this 7gypsies painter's tray  for a while now, 
and I love their sticker sheets, so I knew that I wanted
to use it for our latest vacation photos from California.

After deciding which photos I wanted to use, then
figuring out the right sizing, and printing them out, I
managed to put it together in a few hours, and am quite
happy with how it turned out.

This is a close up look of it standing up on the
table, and the lighting was a bit too harsh, but 
I wanted to show how I placed some of the stickers
so that they are hanging over the sides of the tray.

A few years ago, when Tim and I took the girls
to Long Beach, California for our first real
holiday, I came home and did a painter's tray
as well, so I placed this current one beside
it on the wall in our dining room. I love
how my ladder hanging on the wall, offers
a great display space for things that make
my heart happy.

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