Sunday, October 28, 2012

A picture for every beach we visited

On our latest visit to Long Beach, California,
we were lucky enough to have our friend Mike
available to keep us busy for the entire week
we were down there, and also meant I had our
own personal photographer, to snap a photo of
Tim and I at each beach we visited. And yes, 
Tim even allowed all these photos to be taken.
Oh the magic of being on a beautiful, warm,
sunny beach. What a blessing to be able to
visit such amazing places with a wonderful
husband by my side, and a great friend to
enjoy the journey and exploration with us.

 Tim and I at the first beach we visited on Sunday,
This was in the late afternoon, and was at the
pier on Seal Beach, in southern California.

On Monday, we drove down the coast a little bit, and 
had a wonderful visit on both Huntington Beach, it's pier
and main town street, and then down a bit further to
Laguna Beach, which was the southern most point we
ventured on this or any trip we've had yet to California.

One thing I noticed during our beach visits was the different
feel of the sand beneath my feet and between my toes.
The photo above was Laguna Beach and it's texture
was almost glass like if that makes sense, more granular, 
but still soft, where as Huntington beach is so soft and warm.

On Tuesday, as we neared the later part of the
afternoon we ventured down to the beach in our
host town of Long Beach and enjoyed a casual
walk along the shore as the sun started to set.
Even at this hour, the temperatures were still 
comfortably in the high 80's and made for an 
enjoyable walk and photo taking experience.

Both the photo above and below were taken on the
beach on Wednesday when we visited the pier
in Santa Monica, which is north of Long Beach.
This top photo was the only one not taken by our
friend, but by a lady on the beach, who had no idea 
how to use an Iphone camera, imagine that :)

Notice in the above photo, that Tim's actually holding his
shoes and not wearing them. It's a big deal really, as he
never, ever walks in the ocean waters as it usually makes
his legs break out in hives, but this visit he had the urge
to put his feet in the crashing waves and had no ill
effects from the experience, yay for that!

The top photo was also from Wednesday as
we were lucky enough to have the chance to go a
bit further north up to Malibu, and we had a great
walk along the beach, watching the many surfer's. 
the different kinds of seabirds, and searched for
shells and rocks along the shoreline. This is the only
beach in which we actually beach combed and left
with a handfull of shells, rocks and seaglass.

This last photo was from the end of the day, as
we ventured back south towards Long Beach,
we asked for just one more stop, and that was
Venice Beach, and although we only spent a
short time there as the sun was starting to 
set, we truly felt blessed to have been able
to experience all three wonderful beaches in
one glorious day of fun and adventure.

How can you not want to stay in southern California,
to bury your toes in the warm sand, bask in the glow
of the setting sun, and know that you are doing this in
the company of your soulmate, your better half, the
person who's only footprints matter beside yours in
the sand as you walk along. 

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