Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Life Week 22

This week is about basically one thing, MOVING!!!! and all the fun
and joys of such a process. NOT!!!! I did manage to get lots of 
photos though, and managed to tell a decent story of our hectic
 week, with the move, the clean up, and the shopping we all did
 to get the new house feeling like home. A whole lot of work, by 
lots of us, with special thanks to Tim's brother Jason,
 the boyfriends, Jeff and Daniel. and Amy's friend Kimi. Without your
 help, it would have been almost impossible for us to do alone. So thank you.

The photo above is the full spread of the week, and since it's also 
a month to month transition LO, the monthly divider is in there. I 
still have to do the month end review, and will add it later in a 
separate post showing all of the month end inserts.

The above photo is of the left hand side, and just lots of photos
telling the story of the week. I also have included a photo of the 
journaling card so that you can read it easier. ( for my mom).

It does make it easier to read the story with a closer look at the 
card. I never use my own handwriting, which I know is silly, but
I really do hate it, it looks too messy, and I have yet to get
over that hurdle in my memory keeping projects.

The above photo is of the right hand side, and focuses more
on the after part of the move, the more fun stuff like
shopping for new furniture, setting up the new place, 
and special gifts from awesome family. (Starbucks
mugs from Jason and Michelle.)

Below is a close up of this sides journaling card.

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