Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Amy's 21st birthday

Wow, where did the time go? How can we be
celebrating Amy's 21st birthday when it seems she
was just a little girl not that long ago. And when
the heck did I get that old..... :)

Before heading to work, I set up this awesome
good morning surprise for her when she woke 
up. 5 Happy 21st birthday balloons, and
and a birthday banner cut up into strips. 

And to make sure the balloons didn't float away
they had to be tied to something right? So a 
bottle of white wine (her favorite) was the
perfect tie down for those floating balloons.
And it was a wine from South Africa, which
I found kinda cool, and she said tasted great.

And well what better way to be woken
up on your birthday then with a spam text
from your loving,
I just love those emoticons and went
just a little crazy with them. 

And a small pile of gifts waited for her
to open once all the family was together
after her asked for dinner of tacos.

And of course the cake, which I did not make!!
Not many birthdays pass through this house 
without a homemade cake from me, but since
she loves cheesecake, I decided to splurge
and get her the chocolate lovers variety combo.

And not knowing until I lite them, the candles
actually sang happy birthday funny.

Happy birthday my dear girl Amy, love you xoxo