Sunday, February 27, 2011

25 years!!!!!

that how long I remember it being that migraines have been a part of my life. Today I woke up with one, and although I took 2 Excedrin migraine pills, I don't feel a bit better. And top that off with nausea, and well, my day is a total write off. I honestly can't even put a number to the amount of days having a migraine has taken away from me. Days go by and I lay in wait of it to go away, just a little reprieve, praying that it will only be there for one day, not linger for sometimes as long as a week. My brain feels like it's being dragged along concrete, the shear pain causing me to only half open my eyes sometimes due to the brightness of the world around me. And the nausea, sometimes that is worse then the pain in my brain....that's the combo that usually does me in completly. I just can not function when I feel like this, I want to disappear, escape my own body and never know this pain again. The missed days of work, of family life, of just being able to get out of bed and function....I have given so much time to this horrible affliction, that I am done! If I could get back all the lost time I am sure it would add up to at least a year or more. So please please head....just stop hurting!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My mojo is still flowing

Here are a few more layouts from this past week. I love it when I can keep creating day after day and nothing looks the same or feels like I have to do it, artistic flow is a wonderful thing.

Mail Day

We were so excited when we got Jordyn's grad photos in the mail last week. Even though we had seen all the proofs, it's so much better getting the real ones. And I am so happy to have gotten the bonus package with the frames....I just wish they had had that option when we had ordered Amy's a few years back. I am thinking of seeing if I can order ones for Amy and just add the photos myself. I'm such a proud mom!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly routine

Since moving to our new place in October, I've found that I am once again loving to bake. This new kitchen is bright and roomy and so I find I am more willing to spend quality time in it. Usually I try to bake cookies, and banana loaf, but sometimes I will make some brownies, and lots of weeks it's a must for Rice Krispie Square...what ever it is, the house always smells good and the warm treats always taste best with a cold glass of milk.
This week I saw a banana loaf picture on my friend Alyssa's blog and had to try it, and boy is it yummy. She also introduced me to a blog called Joy the Baker, and wow, does that blog have lots of good stuff and recipes.
Here are the links to both recipes...they are definetly worth adding to your "best ofs" (she also has a fb link)
Now I think I will go enjoy a slice of banana bread :)

Running a business is a lot of work

Really, I know you are all thinking "well, duh!" but really, it's non stop, 24 hours a day. When you work for someone else, you get off at said time and you are done for the day usually. But now, with Tim, it's constant worry, about getting new work lined up, or balancing what's on the go. And for days like today and half of last week, it's sitting around while other trades hold you up. Sometimes it's driving around for hours or back and forth to find out things aren't ready like you were told, and then since one job is delayed, it sets you back for the others you also have on the go. For me, since I work with Tim all day long, it's the physical part but the mental when I get home because I need to be bookkeeper to all this madness as well. Never mind balancing the books as far as money out vs money coming in (and that is a big variable). But yes, with all this there are definate up sides too, like working with your spouse, getting the same time off as them, not having to worry about holiday plans or family needs.....and the hard work does go back into your own business, but sometimes, just sometimes I sure wish someone else was thinking about all this stuff and not me or him.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Finally a sunny Sunday to get out and enjoy some fresh air.
For Tim's early birthday gift, we got him a RC buggy and he
wanted to go out for some boony bashing. We headed out the
the Industrial Area on the Langley/Surrey border and had fun
playing and getting a bit dirty.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current layouts

I really liked this picture of Tim and I,
which was taken last summer up in Whistler,
but I wanted to use it in a totaly different
way then for our trip. I had fun with this LO.

This LO was from a day trip up to Whistler and the stops
we made along the way. I picked up a postcard while we
were at Shannon Falls and used the back for my journalling.

This LO I did because I was inspired by my
favorite TV characters traits and how much
my idolizing them had to do with seeing the
same traits in Tim.

This LO is pretty much self explanitory!
It was so much fun celebrating her 19th birthday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Baby Graduates
I am so proud of how hard Jordyn has worked through her high school career and seeing her grad photos that came in the mail this week made me even prouder as a parent. Both of my girls have had successful High School careers and are stepping into adulthood.