Saturday, February 19, 2011

Current layouts

I really liked this picture of Tim and I,
which was taken last summer up in Whistler,
but I wanted to use it in a totaly different
way then for our trip. I had fun with this LO.

This LO was from a day trip up to Whistler and the stops
we made along the way. I picked up a postcard while we
were at Shannon Falls and used the back for my journalling.

This LO I did because I was inspired by my
favorite TV characters traits and how much
my idolizing them had to do with seeing the
same traits in Tim.

This LO is pretty much self explanitory!
It was so much fun celebrating her 19th birthday.


  1. Wow! You've been a busy scrapper girl! Great work!!

  2. Great Lo's Jo ... I love them all ... I especially love the one of you and Tim .. I love the words you wrote =)

  3. Thanks Tammy, I really needed to say what I did on that LO, sometimes you forget that those you love shouldn't be taken for granted, and that love doesn't make everything last forever, hard work does. :)