Saturday, April 30, 2011

POTD April 30th

this is how my kitchen table has looked pretty

much for the last week, layouts in the process

of being done, and this and that to go along with

the making of them. Somedays I manage to get it

all tidied up, but if I'm not done a LO I usually leave

it there until it's done. Hey, we eat in front of the TV

anyways, so the kitchen table needs to feel useful. :)

Halloween 2010

Not my usual style at all, but lately I'm trying to break free of my normal way of doing things. Do I like the LO, yes, do I love it, no, but that's okay. The Halloween paper was cute and I just added as many details to make it my own. I also used my cricuit to get the two branches and used lots of letter stickers and word stickers to get a more me look.

I had many Halloween papers from the same line, so I just started to layer them on top of one another and even used on of the bottle labels I had saved as background paper too. I got lots of photos on this layout, 21 to be exact. Really loving stickers right now.

Friday, April 29, 2011

POTD #29

Today's picture is of my goodies from my Stampin up club and the two cards we made tonight. I didn't get any stamp sets this month, just some basics :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

POTD April 28th

A bit of spring outside!!! I did a major cleaning

of our outside patio area today, and went out and

bought a storage unit for the mishmash of stuff

we seem to have outside. And while I was at Home

Depot, I picked up some flowers as well. Just a little

hint of spring, but hey, I'll take what I can get right

now. Also, this cute little bistro set was a trade I

made off of Craigslist, I had an old freezer that was

rusty a bit, but still worked, and she didn't want this

set anymore, so a trade was made :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

POTD April 27th

Where is all happens, the computer side of my laptop enables me to do my online stuff

anywhere, but I still need to plug in to the printer

to scan my LO's or print my journalling. Also, this

is the only space for my Cricuit to hang out and not

have to be put away. My little corner of the laundry

room that isn't for

Been on a roll

With all this time off for Easter, I've been

a busy beaver getting scrapping done.

I really like this picture of us, so much

so, that after I did this LO I realized

I had already used this photo early in

the week on a different LO. LOL!

Just another 8 x 8 mini !!!!

Loving this size so much,

had fun with color, texture, mini pics

and my journalling.

Another Tim LO, man, I'm loving all

the pictures he's letting me get of him

lately. Just lots and lots of layers on this

one. Elements both new and old. And

some journalling too, it's got it all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just thought I'd share

This is how our bathroom has looked since we moved in. Plain shower curtain, was here when we moved in, and was in great shape so why not??? but boring, so very blah. And after a quick visit to JYSK today, with no intensions of buying anything, I came home and transformed the bathroom from blah to beautiful.

What a difference a burst of color can make, eh? And it makes it feel like a completely different room. And it was only $12.99 so score on the deal as well.

Newest LO

Okay, so I told Jordyn if I was going to spend hours shopping that I wanted one thing out of it, pictures to scrapbook. She kindly posed with all her goodies as we left the mall, and took my picture as well. A fun twist on one of my least favorite things to do, shop. I know, shocker, but I really dislike it, and especially for clothes or shoes..and yes, I really am a GIRL!!!

POTD April 24th, 25th and 26th

I know, I know...I've been bad and it's been 3 days since I uploaded my POTD' bad! So here's how I've seen things these past few days :)

Tired of the blah rainy westcoast weather,

I bought myself some flowers to brighten

our kitchen. So pretty, flowers always

make me smile. :D

Before any one wonders if this is about

POLITICS, it IS NOT!!! but since we

have an election coming up, everytime

I've seen this sign, I always think about

our friend down in California. Mike is

great, and seeing this sign makes me smile.

(PS I couldn't tell you anything about the

Mike this refers too, lol!!)

My early birthday gift to myself. I have wanted

a Cricuit for quite some time, and when I saw it

at Walmart on rollback for $120 less then normal,

I couldn't resist. And then I got the 2 cartridges

for only $29 each on clearance. Big score for me!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

POTD April 22nd and 23rd

My scrapping score yesterday, I shopped two

different stores and only paid full price for one

of the items good deals. Less then

$40 for all of this...yay me!!!

Today's shopping trip to the grocery store for

all the goodies for Easter dinner. And a hint

of spring for the kitchen table. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

POTD April 21st

Attention Surrey Residents, no need for alarm!!

This glowing yellow ball in the sky is the SUN!!!

Now I know it has been a while since it's been

seen in our skies, but today, the grey clouds

parted, revealling blue skies, and this

wonderful, warm radiating light. Imagine

the possibilities if it frequented our lives

just a bit more often....SPRING possibly??

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

POTD April 20th

Newest boxset!!! Bones is done, Castle is done, Big Bang Theory done, Flashpoint started, and now we are on to a new Crime drama...CSI NY!

Why CSI NY instead of all the other CSI's out there??? If you are asking that, then you don't know my hubby all that was born and raised on the West coast of Canada, but he's NY through and through :)

Just having fun

I loved this picture as soon as I saw it. Taken in

Whistler just last weekend, and even though

half my face is behind my hood, I really like it.

This LO is a rare one for me as it contains NO

journalling! Just having fun with it, some inking,

some ribbon, some stapling, some tearing, and

even some dimension. Sometimes it's just about

having fun, being creative, and seeing what happens.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

POTD April 18th and 19th

My newest favorite tool for scrapbooking. I actually

got this punch thinking I would use it for my journaling,

but I have ended up using it for my photos more, and

love how the pictures look punched out in this shape.

For sure my all time go to paper. I love this kraft

cardstock, and only this one, from Stampin Up.

It is so accurate a color and no other company

compares to the color. And it's the only flat cardstock

I use, as I am usually a Bazzill textured person.

Whistler getaway

These following pages are all from our recent get away to Whistler. I did 4 8x8 pages which I did to include all the extra stops along the way, and then the two 2 page LO's of the main part of our trip. I have been addicted to my craft cardstock lately, from Stampin Up and just realized I need to order more asap.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

POTD April 16th and 17th

I only had my iphone on me for these two pics, but still gets my point across. Jordyn will be graduating in June, and because of our lack of sunshine, has decided to go to a tanning studio to get some color to her as her dress is strapless and pale skin is

These two donkeys make me smile on most days. This farm is located on the back way into our street and unless it's really ugly outside you can usually see them. But most times, I'm either driving and don't want to pull over or they are too far away to get a good picture. Today, Tim was driving and pulled over for me to get a picture, and the white one came right up to me for a head rub. The little brown one was shy, but I still managed to get him in the picture too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

POTD April 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th

OK!!! I fell behind this week, I am sorry!

But I am now posting the last 4 days of

POTD's so I'm back on :)

Tim gets his own bowl of icecream tonight,

and actually takes the whole block that is left

in the container...and actually ate it all.

My newest Starbucks mug, to add to

my already obscene amount in the cupboard.

This one matched the ones I got from

California and Vegas.

Tim and I our last day in Whistler. Self taken, and I

kind lost half of my face behind my hood, but it's

still a fun picture of the two of us.

This is now my newest favorite picture of Tim.

I love everything about it, the clarity of it for

starters, the somewhat smile on his face, the

awesome scenery in the background. Love it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

POTD April 10th and 11th

My yummy candy apple treat I had yesterday

from the Rocky Mountain Chocolater Factory.

Tim and I didn't have any photos from our

weekend in Whistler together, so I took

one this morning, and it turned out

pretty good I think.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

POTD April 9th

We have always joked that Tim is out on a day pass

from the loony bin, here's some proof that he is

at least given a day pass for something. LOL

Friday, April 8, 2011

POTD April 8th

How could I resist a box of Girl Guide cookies when I was walking out of Walmart this evening. Of course it would be my photo of the day.

But then, something funny happened without me even knowing I had done it....we had A & W for dinner and just as I was getting home I had an aha moment...I actually ordered a Papa burger for Tim and a Mama for me and a Teen for of course before we could eat I had to take a picture :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still on a roll

Loving the 8x8 format, finding so much

creativity in this size right now. This picture

is from our trip up to Whistler last summer,

and since we are heading up again this weekend

I wanted to scrap it and since it's one of my

favorites of the two of us, I wanted to make it special.

From Tim's actual birthday, not much

happened, but we did celebrate him

being 45 and I had fun using a visual

triangle of 45's on this LO.

POTD April 7th

Well actually today's POTD should actually

say Pictures of the day. I couldn't decide

on which one to use, so since it's my blog

I say use

How could I not take a photo of these awesome,

bright, cheery, extra large flowers at the

Easter Bunny photo place in Willowbrook Mall.

Then just as we round the corner going to Sport Check

low and behold, Willowbrook finally has a Starbucks.

Two big thumbs up for this !!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

POTD April 6th

Jordyn left her home work on the coffee

table today, seemed like a good picture of

the day to me!!!