Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly routine

Since moving to our new place in October, I've found that I am once again loving to bake. This new kitchen is bright and roomy and so I find I am more willing to spend quality time in it. Usually I try to bake cookies, and banana loaf, but sometimes I will make some brownies, and lots of weeks it's a must for Rice Krispie Square...what ever it is, the house always smells good and the warm treats always taste best with a cold glass of milk.
This week I saw a banana loaf picture on my friend Alyssa's blog and had to try it, and boy is it yummy. She also introduced me to a blog called Joy the Baker, and wow, does that blog have lots of good stuff and recipes.
Here are the links to both recipes...they are definetly worth adding to your "best ofs" (she also has a fb link)
Now I think I will go enjoy a slice of banana bread :)

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