Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love etching in the sand

I have always loved etching hearts in the wet sand whenever
I've walked the beach, from a teenager on. Maybe it's 
because I've been blessed with the best husband in
the world, and feel that love best expresses what
I am most blessed with in this life of mine. This photo
was taken on our California vacation this past week,
and the evening sun  hit the wet sand so perfectly that
this photo just glows and has so much feeling to it.

I will share more of our vacation photos and memories in
the coming weeks, but for now, just bask in the warmth this
photo evokes. And may you all be blessed with love in
your lives, whether in a soul mate, a child or a loving
mother or father. 

Below is the same etching but at a lower angle, and
the sun has set a bit lower in the sky. Love the colors
in this one, the shadows, the feeling, and the warmth.

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