Friday, September 28, 2012

Finally Fall has arrived

Now that fall has arrived, I am looking forward to finally
finding that balance between home, work and some
time for myself. This past summer has seemed so hectic,
crazy and without any form of normalcy at all. It seemed 
to not only fly by, but we worked so hard and so much
that when the sun was shining and we could escape from
reality for even just a few hours we were out the door, 
to seek whatever adventure awaited us.

That being said, and don't get me wrong, I enjoyed our
summer adventures, but I am a creature of habit, of
routines and I like order in my life, and I have not had
that these past 3 months, and now I feel that it's time
to return to things that make me whole, keep me sane
and make me feel at peace with myself and with those
around me. And the shorter days, cooler nights,
will help bring some of that back to me. Those nights
with warm hot chocolate, candles aglow and the 
fireplace going will help me regain some inner balance
that I've been lacking these past few months.

For those of you who know me well, you would be
very surprised to see the state of things around my
home right now, there is no order to things,
vacuuming and dusting are just a thought in the
back of my mind and my usually clean and very
organized home just doesn't exist these days.

So this simple leaf, fallen off it's tree, covered in
water droplets, that I took a picture of yesterday, 
helps me focus on what is to come, Fall, my favorite
time of year, and hopefully it will find me back
in balance with myself and my surrounding.

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  1. AMAZING picture. And, ya know what!? The dusting and cleaning will happen later - good for you for focusing on what's important!