Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First voting experience

This year's federal election marked a first for our Amy as this was her first election she was old enough to vote in. And she did not take that right lightly. She researched each party, read as much as she could on them, figured out the platform's, and decided which party she would stand behind and support. She was very worried as the day wore on that she would not get out of work early enough to get to the poles. but luckily, I wasn't working and met up with her at the skytrain to get her to vote in time. And what an evening she was in for. She had her reason's for why she dislked certain parties and what they stand for and as those parties ended up being choosen over and over, her level of stress grew and grew. Now although she learned the hard way that just because we have the right to vote, doesn't mean our candidates always win, but your one vote still can make a difference. And being an educated, and highly motivated woman will get her far in this world. And I am thankful we live in a country in which as a woman she will continue to have the right of free speech and always have a say in what happens in an election with her vote.

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  1. Very responsible citizen you are, Amy! Way to go in helping our country (especially since I can't vote...yet...)