Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A rare trip across the border

After a non eventful trip to Bellis Fair mall, we decided to drive down to the big outlet mall and see what we could find. We managed to find some goodies, and then headed back up to the smaller outlet stores in Burlington.

The bags from our first outlet shopping.

Yes I took a picture of the outlet signs.

All the goodies on the kitchen floor when we got home.

Tim's goodies, two pairs of Vans, a new Yankees hat, and leathermans.

Although Amy was at work, she still got things she wanted, I picked her up 2 pairs of Vans, and much needed earphones.

Jordyn's goodies, a pair of legging capris from Lululemon, 5 tank tops and a candied apple.

I don't usually get many grocery items when we are down in the states, but Jordyn loves Vanilla coke and we can't get it up here anymore, so that was a must, and I found Lays chips with NO MSG!! you have no idea how much I enjoy chips but can't eat them because most flavors and brands have MSG in them, so I kinda bought a few bags, like 5 to be exact. But they are good until the end of June so I won't eat them all too soon. And well Apple Jacks too, can't seem to find those here anymore either.

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  1. so very fun! The chips in the US ROCK - my favoriate are ripples cheese & sour cream - a flavour you can't get here and THEY'RE SO GOOD!