Friday, May 13, 2011

My Food adventures

My attempt at making stuffed burgers. I fried up

bacon and added shredded cheese on top of flattened

beef patties (homemade) and then added a top portion.

And even though the burgers were quite flat when I

put them in the oven, they still ended up being plump,

and were a bit dry and the filling kinda just disappeared.

Not sure I'm a fan of making these burgers. But I did

try something new. :)

What do you get when you buy an Angel food cake,

a big package of strawberries and some whipping

creme? A yummy dessert. I took the over ripe

strawberries, some Vanilla syrup and some sugar

and simmered them to make a thick syrup. I then

added the same Vanilla syrup to the whipping cream

as I whipped it up in my mixer. Cut up berries and cake

and voila, a great summery dessert.

Cinco De Mayo!!!!! I couldn't resist taking a picture

of our dinner that night, how mexican can you get?

Nachos!!!!!!! lol!!!!

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  1. Love strawberries & angel food cake - yummy!