Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Life Week 19

This week was bittersweet as mom left on Sunday
night to go back home. I was a mixture of sad, happy
and ready to let her go. We had a wonderful visit,
had lots of fun, shed many tears, had some family
turmoil and a major event happen all in her short 
three week visit. 

This first page highlights the day mom left, first
with a family photo shoot outside of our house,
luckily, Daniel was over so he was our photographer
and was just snapping picture after picture, so I 
included some of the not so great ones in this collage.

It also has a few photos from inside the train station, even
though there were signs posted saying not photography,
like I'm one to listen to such silliness, NOT!
And I didn't even cry when I said goodbye, nor
did she, although I did cry in the truck on the
way home.

The other photo collages were of some raccoons that
visited the jobsite early one morning so of course we
had to stop and watch their antics and take some
pictures, but from the safety of inside the house.

Tim and I also got out one sunny day and took the skytrain
into Vancouver to enjoy a walk all along the seawall,
which we started at Science World, walked all the way
to Granville Island then took the little ferry over to the
other side to continue our walk along the other side.

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  1. Hey it's BeachMonkeys from Instagram popping over. I do PL too and love your organized style. Can you explain what you did on the right side page? I love the Vancouver side banner.. What is it made and how? Did u do the pics in a special app??
    See ya on Instagram
    Jen @