Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Life Week 18

Mom's last week with us was packed with things to do.
I helped her make a mini album of her trip, showed her
some scrapbooking tricks and techniques and watch
as she put most of the album together.

This is a mish mash of photos, journalling and just
happy fun memories of our time with my mom.
Lots of game of Yahtzee and Phase 10 were played,
and of course silly happy fun.

I also did up my month in review for April, and included it
in the 6x12 insert page.

On the back of the insert, I included some of my favorite
Instagram photos, all in 2 x 2 size so that they could also
be included in my Project Life.

Saturday was a hard emotional day for me,
and I tried to keep it in check, but by the time
the evening rolled around I just wanted to curl
up in a ball and cry. Mom was leaving the next 
day and I wasn't ready to say goodbye yet. 
We went to Jason and Michelle's for a game of
Rummoli and a great dinner. After dinner, Jason 
asked Amy is she'd like to go on a ride on his 
motorcycle and of course she said yes, then
convinced me to do the same, and I'm so glad
I did, it was so much fun, so freeing, to just feel
the wind in my face, the road whipping by, and 
I was instantly put in a good mood, allowing me
to enjoy a great family evening.

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