Friday, July 20, 2012

Project Life Week 20

This was a busy week and I had lots of little stories to tell.
I used 2x2 pictures ontop of my journaling cards to allow
me to share more this week. I also have been playing
a bit of with new ways of dating my journaling cards,
and this is another one I will use again.

This page of 6x6 squares allowed me to tell the story of
my mother's day and include a lot of the pictures we got
that day. The day was full of stuff, from early morning
coffee with Jordyn, brunch with Amy then all of us
down at Crescent Beach for a picnic of Subway.

I also included pictures of when Jordyn took me for
a pedicure on Tuesday and I took a business card
just to use in my project life.

Half price frappe week was also going on, so you know we
left work early to take advantage of it on more then one
occasion :) I really like how these cards look all together
on the spread, make it flow so nicely together.

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  1. Wow...a business card is a simPle come I never thought of that? You're rocking my world right now!