Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Life Week 15

Week 15, had us excitedly awaiting my mom's 
arrival on the following Monday, but she left
the Thursday of this week. She was even good
at getting photos of her leaving the station in
Ontario so I could include it in my project life
for this week. The LO for this week is just
basically a mishmash of photos taken almost 
completely on my Iphone. I miss having a good
point and shoot camera, but am really liking 
the convenience of having a phone that has
a decent camera in it. Plus, how else would
I post my life onto

Below is the full spread of the week, I had a few
momentos from the week so included them in
here as well.

The left hand side below is 4 separate LO's of different
"events" like Easter, then of mom's departure, and 
our weekly horse racing dates. Then the multitude of
Starbucks photos I took for IG. :)

The right hand side below is another that I just couldn't
get a nice clear shot of for some reason, so I apologize 
for the blurry photo.More collages of multiple photos,
and I even kept the box cover for the Angry Birds 
bandages that Jordyn bought us as a "gift" The bright
yellow daffodils were in a vacant field near Amy's
work, so of course I trespassed inside the gates
and picked a dozen to brighten up the house. 

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