Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project Life Week 14

 This is week 14 for Project Life. I have been bad and have
fallen so behind on my blog posts for it, so I am hoping to
have them all uploaded in the next few days. For those
of you who visit my blog regularly I thank you for the
fact that you keep coming back lately, especially since
there hasn't been anything new :(

Below is a rather dull photo unfortunately of the full 
spread of the week. We had a a full week of things 
happening, and I used lots of collage prints in this
week. Like I said, poor quality, sorry, but the individual
pages are much clearer.

On the left hand side below, I used a lot of the 
core kit journaling cards with as much info as I
could get on them. And so many photos to include 
so even my 3x4 photos are collages. Lots of pictures.

The right had side below is a 6x6 insert that sometimes
I like to use if I have a busy day or even to mini scrap
about. This whole page is actually dedicated to a 
day trip Tim and I took into Vancouver when we 
had a break in the bad weather and it was sunny
all day  long. We explored streets we never had 
before, found an alley of graffiti art and enjoyed a
 pleasant day together, warm weather and exploring.

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