Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tim's 46th birthday

The day started out with Tim's usual stop
at Starbucks for his Caramel Latte, and
one of our regular baristas, Brianna, wrote
on his cup sleeve, and then gave him his
drink free, yay! We then had to run and
do two quick things at two job sites then
Tim had to renew his driver's license,
nothing like leaving it til the last minute.

We then chilled at out local Starbucks in
the afternoon, with new drinks of course,
and enjoyed each others company, read,
and went online while there.

The girls and their boys came over for
dinner of burgers and salads, and then we
played a game of Pictionary, had cake, and
then after Jordyn and Jeff left, the four of
us played a game of Whoonu, :)

All in all, I am pretty sure Tim had
a nice relaxing day surrounded by
those that love him.

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