Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Life Week 12

Week 12, lots of photos for this week,
so used my trusty Photosheet to make
4x6 collages for those days with lots of
pictures. This is a look at the full week,
and I purchased non Project Life inserts
from my LSS to change up things a bit.
These are 4x4 inserts and allow for a
different look now and again throughout
the album. This week, the entire right hand
side is for one day :)

We were joined by my brother in law and sister
in law at the races on Sunday afternoon, so
I captured more photos then I usually do
when we are there. I also used one of the spots
for a journalling entry just about the day,
and then the top two spots I used the program
cover to fill that space and as a bit of a title.

The right hand side is lots of photos, and I focused on one
color scheme for the week with the teals, and did all my
journalling in a typewriter font. To balance all the color
on this side with the other, I added the number stickers
that come with the core kit on the left hand side to add
just a hint of color to it, and blend it in to this side.

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