Monday, March 19, 2012

The process of this week's Project Life.

This week I decided to do each day the exact
same way since I was using the insert with
lots of the 3x4 pockets. Not wanting to have
to rework each one, pick a new font for each
as well, like I do in other weeks, I made a
template in which I just reused each day
and changed what was needed.

So after printing out a rough draft on computer
paper, I then lined it up with the journaling cards
I wanted to use, from the Clematine Set, I then
used masking tape to attach the card onto
the computer paper and re feed it through my
computer to print it on the card. This worked well
and I repeated it for each day of the week.

I used all the same insert cards, and it made for
a nice clean linear look for this weeks layout.

After I printed each one out, I attached the
accompaning photo to each card with either
a few strips of masking tape, or with mini staples.

Here's a look at all of them before putting them
into my album. The one for Saturday is blocked
on purpose as it has a friends baby as the photo
and I didn't want to share that without her permission.

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  1. you are BRILLIANT. Love how these look like old poloroids!!!! LVOE LOVE LOVE!