Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Life Week 11

This weeks full spread of project life. I didn't
have good quality photos this week, and still
wanted to use them, so I used 2x2 print outs
of them on the 3x4 insert cards. I really like
how this week looks. Very clean and crisp.

The right hand side is all photos from both
Tim and I's Instagram app, and although
they aren't the best quality, I wanted
to have some photos that were not
just taken by me as per usual.

Here's the right hand side of the LO, it
was a bit without bland, and didn't seem to
tie into the left hand side, something was
missing, a punch of color to co ordinate
the two sides, there was no teal on this side.

Here is the left hand side, and as you can see,
there is lots of color on this side. I really love
how this looks, I may have to do something
similar with the journaling cards again. I didn't
have a 4x6 photo for the top corner pocket,
so I just used two quotes I had copied off
of Pinterest this past week.
After rethinking the right hand side, I decided
to add a punch of the teal by just using the
number stickers that come with the
Clematine set. This was just what the
side needed to bring it all together.

Thanks for looking, I appreciate any comments
you may wish to leave.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats for hanging in there Jo! you're doing fab!! now as for your color dilemma...girl you have a ton of stamps and I have seen you use them on your LOs and remember the card candy?
    Try adding little pieces from your stamping stash to your photos...little tabs, I recently used a stamp I did at your house...the "Authentic" stamp.
    Little postmark circles, just a word like happy stamped out in a colored ink. If you are not comfy with stamping direct to the photo then use a piece of transparency or colored stazon onto your page protector. I would have loved to see a little of all the colors in the Live card show up on that page.
    Just a thought :D