Thursday, March 15, 2012

The finished graduation LO's for Jordyn

I have recently finished off a pile of half done LO's
that have just needed a few finishing touches to make
them done in my eyes. 4 of those were LO's I had
started from Jordyn's graduation, last June.

The below 2 photos are of the same LO, which ended
up being a 4 pager, these to pictures below are the front
and the back of the 4 pages, with the next below photo
being the middle section. These are most of the photo's
I took of Jordyn and then her grad dinner/dance date,
Chris, a friend of hers from school. Although they weren't
a couple, they both looked so good together all dressed up.

I was thankful that although Jordyn hadn't been
looking forward to the event, that she did have
fun, and snapped a few photos, and even more
thankful that she shared them with me. The invite
was a big looking playing card, to go along with
the Vegas theme to the dance.

The day of her commencement, we took many
photos, both before she had on her cap and gown,
and then afterwards...and I am so happy Tim wasn't
his usual one picture self, and had fun with the photo
shoot, much like the girls and I did, along with Linda.

The last photo is that off photos taken both by me,
and Jordyn as well. Glad we have a mix of formal
and informal photos from her last moments of high school

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  1. Beautiful LOs and it amazes me what a beautiful young lady she is now...seems like yesterday she was just a young teen!