Thursday, March 15, 2012

More vacation LO's

I managed to finish up a few more LO's
about our past visit to Long Beach and
Las Vegas, from last July none the less.

This LO below is just a fun one I did
showcasing my first food truck dinner
experience. I so loved the variety, and
I even kept the stick my ice cream came
on to include on my LO.

The LO below is a 2 page on I did of our
visit up to the new bridge spanning the river
between Nevada and Arizona, up at the
Hoover Dam. Our friend Mike and I ventured
up to check it out, while his wife Andy and my
hubby Tim stayed below, being chickens about
heights and all. We did manage to coax them
up for a looksy, but not too close to the edge.

This was from our first day in Long Beach, the start
of the days there are always foggy, due to the harbour
mist, so we ventured out to a local place that our friends
really like, called Portuguese Cove, and enjoyed
a exploring adventure and some minimal rock climbing.

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