Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Life Week 10

Week 10 of project life, thinking that while this is
a weekly chore, and yes, it does kinda feel like a
chore, but a happy one at least, I am enjoying the
process and learning what I like and don't like.
I am also more aware when I don't have many
photos from the week, and then look back to
tell a story or talk about someone's week, and
realize I have no photo to go with it. I strongly
dislike that, and this week was a good example
of that. Amy was busy, and spent a lot of time
to herself this week, so when I look back, I had
no picture of her to include, so I did what I
could, and took a photo of her tweet's from
a few days of last week and printed that out.

This is the the whole week side by side,
and I used two of the 4x6 pockets at the
top to hold bits and pieces from our week.
The riot wanted poster, a cover from the
racing program, a few non winning betting
slips on the one side, and on the other,
two days torn off my daily calendar to
record Amy's friends birthdays, an
unwinning lotto max ticket and the
receipt from shopping for Evalie's gift.

Here's the left side, and I only had two days
last week in which I documented with multiple
photos, Sunday and Tuesday so I just used my
go to program Photosheet to get the collage, then
my Kodak printer to add journaling to both.

The photo of Jordyn, and the quote, which I
copied from Pinterest, were in conflict with
each other, she was wearing hot pink, and
the saying was dark blue, so I printed the photo
in black and white so it matched. This also allowed
my journalling to be printed in white to stand
out a lot better against the photo.

The right hand side, and this is my favorite of all
the page inserts in the Project Life variety pack,
has lots of little photos, mostly from Instagram,
and I could be a bit more creative on this side.

I also did something a bit different when recording
which week it was on the "True Stories" insert. I also
used many different types of fonts this week, mainly
because I've been finding my favorites over the last
few weeks, and wanted to have a more random
feel to the page. The middle inside two pockets
I actually cut one of the 4x6 journal cards into 2,
rounded the corners and used them for two seperate
entries, but still got the punch of color I was wanting.

For those of you who have been following along with
my project life, I thank you for checking it out, and for
those of you knew to my Project Life blog updates, welcome.

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