Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Life Week 5

I originally had week 5 posted a few weeks ago, and then
realized a few days later that I had included a photo with
personal information on it, so I deleted the post, and am just
reposting it again today. As you can see in the below photos,
there is one photo missing for online sake only.

This 5th week was extremely hard for me to put together,
because on the last day of my week, I go Sunday thru
Saturdays in my documentation, my dad passed away
suddenly, turning my world upside down for a while.
I just couldn't face putting this week together,
struggled with trying to focus on the rest of what
had happened in theweek, when the only thing I could think
about was my dad.With a few weeks passed now, I was finally
able to finish up this week and the two that have passed since.

You will notice that this week has a 6x12 insert in it, and a
thin divider to identify the new month. The insert I haveused to do a
month in review, and add any other detailsI may have missed but
wanted to include in the month.

Above is the left hand side of the page.

and the right hand side with the divider.

here's a look at the week with the divider turned over.
I loved that I got the card and letter from Erika that week
and was able to include it in the pocket.

and here is the right hand side without the insert.

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