Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project Life Week 8

I had much more fun doing week 8 of Project Life.
Reason for this is that I finally figured out what I
wanted out of the project, and a photo album with
journaling wasn't it. And although for many people
that works well, but for me, with my creative juices
finally flowing again, it just wasn't enough. Now there
is a small part of me that wants to redo the previous
weeks, I will refrain from doing so, and just watch as
Project Life grows along with me over the year.

The photo above is a view of both sides of this
weeks spread, and if you compare this to previous
weeks, you will see how it has changed, more little
bits and pieces to make it look more like mini LO's
instead of just photo's inserted to fill up the week.

On this left hand side, I focused on the story of the week, which
was only using photos I had taken with Instagram, which I have
just gotten for my Iphone, and was crazily snapping and posting
photos all week last week. That being said, I didn't print any out
full sized, and all of them are 2x2 in size. I also mixed up type's
of fonts and added some stickers and staples both inside and
outside of the page protectors.

This is the right hand side, and for this side, I used multiple photos
on a 4x6 print to document our night out for Linda's birthday. I also
used a strip of 3 photos from a breakfast date with Gramma before
Jordyn headed to work on Saturday. I also found the "You are here"
on the internet, and printed it out on one of the inserts that come with
the project life core kit. Lucky for me, the colors were pretty close so I
didn't change up a thing for it. All in all, this is more close to my actual
style of scrapbooking, so I thing if I continue to approach each week
in this manner, I will much more enjoy the process throughout the year.

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