Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 7

This year, the Tally Ho Carriage
Tours are offering free trolley rides
every Saturday and Sunday afternoon
until Christmas. I really wanted
to go on this, and was even more
excited when I found out Jordyn
would be coming over for the weekend
and she could come along with us.
Tim decided on Sunday that he wasn't
up to doing any Christmasy things,
so her and I went to town, shopped a
bit, then walked down to the Empress,
where we saw the horses making their
way up Government Street headed towards
the first pickup of the day.

After her and I went and checked
out the Festival of Trees at the
Empress Hotel, we went to the closest
trolley stop and waited in line for the
next trolley to show up. I have to say
I was a bit excited that we got the
black horse team and that we were
sharing our first trolley ride together.

After we were done with our ride,
we only went one stop as so many
others were wanting to get a chance
to ride, Jordyn took some apple
slices to feed them as a treat. The
horse team were named Sam and Herby
and we had a very talkative guide who
shared funny stories of the antics of
his team. What a fun time we had, and
want to thank the TallyHo for a great
job on putting this together for the
holiday season.

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