Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 6

This afternoon, after a great
morning of shopping with Jordyn
and then the Teddy Bear and
Gingerbread displays with Tim,
Jordyn and I sat down to write
Christmas cards together.
I am still a traditionalist in this
modern day of technology, and still
love to send a hand written message
to family and friends during the
holidays. I am happy as well, that
both Amy and Jordyn also share in
this joy, so getting to sit together
doing so just made it a bit more
special. Although I have gotten
away from making my cards during
the holidays, I actually like the
look and feel of store bought ones.

I know how happy I feel when I open
the mailbox to find cards waiting to
be opened and greetings read.
I hope that when my cards arrive at
their destinations, the same feelings
come from them to the recipients opening
them. Love and happiness for the holidays
to all my friends and family. xoxo

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