Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 5

These photos were taken Friday night
on our way back into town from
picking Jordyn up from the ferry.
This is the big tree that is in the
courtyard of Uptown shopping center,
the top photo being taken by her and
the bottom on by me. I love that we
see things differently, yet still
the same, especially as seen through
our photographs of the same events.

What these photos don't tell, is that
I am so grateful for any time that my
girls get to come over for a visit, and
around the holidays is even better.
Victoria is a town that shines and
sparkles during the holiday season, and
getting to share the joy of that with my
family means the world to me.
Thank you Jordyn for making me extra
happy with your more frequent visits
now that you have changed jobs that
allow you more of a flexible schedule
for visits to the island.

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