Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 2

This story isn't about the snowman, although he was
important enough, to travel across Canada and back
when we packed up our lives last summer.
But todays' story is about those three red,
 rattan balls. Those three balls, found on
Boxing Day, in the only store that was actually
open, while we were on Salt Spring Island
 for Christmas in 2007.

We decided earlier in the season, that
we wanted to get away from everything
this Christmas, and after having stayed
at this cabin earlier in the year, we
wanted to share the experience with the
girls. Well, you think we had killed the
family dog, had we had one at the time,
with how miserable they were with the idea
of being away from friends during the
holidays and no shopping on Boxing Day.
But Christmas Eve, as we drove through a very
snowy downfall, caught the ferry and arrived at
the cabin, only to find we were almost snowed out,
and the power out with no fore seen time of return.
Did that stop us? Heck no, we embraced it, the
adventure, of setting up a fire to keep warm,
candle light and lanterns to keep us from being
in the dark, and a freshly cut tree, our first
real tree as a family, sitting against the
cabin, cut down by the cabin owners, just for
us. We moved all our stuff in for the night,
and not too long after, the power came on,
and it was an evening of Christmas carols,
cookie decorating, and making garland and
ornaments for the tree. The girls were
now enjoying our time together, and it was
even more special, when we awoke to the quietness
only nature can offer, with a fresh covering of
snow that Christmas morning.
After gifts were opened, we bundled up, and
went on a walk around the property, down to an
almost frozen lake, we laughed, threw snowballs
and took lots of pictures. We had games to
play, videos to watch and dinner to eat.
By far, the most special family time we have
had together. My favorite Christmas of all time,

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