Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 3

Today's story is about my mom, and this mug.

Last year, at this time, mom was undergoing
radiation therapy, to try to shrink a tumor
growing in her lungs and pushing against her
esophagus, making it almost impossible for
her to swallow. She was so tired and sore
after her treatments, that she was unable
to get out to do any Christmas shopping for
herself, and she sent me money to get the
girls and ourselves gifts for Christmas.
Knowing, deep in my heart, that this was
going to be her last Christmas with us, I
wanted to make the gifts more meaningful,
more something we would hang on to forever.
Mom, like always, insisted we get things we
needed, but this year, I wasn't listening to
that, I was getting what our hearts needed
instead, memories, things to hold close to our
hearts for all those missed years ahead, without
her to celebrate with us.
After getting everyone else's gift, I hung on to my
share, still not knowing what it was I would need, what
my heart would need, in the coming years. I happened to
go into the Christmas Store, and there was a display of
these wonderful Christmas mugs, but none with the
sentiment needed. Then, I saw this one, the perfect one,
just peeking out from behind the others, and I knew this
was the one speaking to me, the one, that years from now,
I could cradle in my hands, warm drink soothing my soul,
as I knew I would need soon enough. Along with this mug,
I also got myself one last ornament from her.
And, yes, my heart was right, and she didn't make it until
this Christmas, she's now in Heaven for her first Christmas
with my dad and my sister, so I know she isn't alone.
So, thanks mom, for last years gift, something so
precious, that words really can't say how I feel.
I love you and miss you terribly. XOXO

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