Monday, December 1, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Day 1

Todays' December Daily story is this Advent
Calendar, given to our family a very long time
ago, when the girls were little. Tim's mom, Linda,
either got it from a craft fair, or a friend that
had made them, that part I am unclear of now. But I
do know it was made with great care and detail.

Every Christmas, we would hang this up and
the girls would take turns each day putting a
different "ornament" on the tree. Each little
handmade ornament, attached with velcro, would
then find it's spot on the felt tree for the
holiday season. And can you believe the Velcro
still works after all these years (at least 20).
We have since lost one of the characters, and one
of the top tassles has also gone astray, but the
memories this simple tea towel, turned Advent, hold,
are many, and joyous. Each year, our felt tree was
decorated differently, and the daily offerings in
different orders. But one thing has always remained
the same, Rudolph has always held the 23rd spot and
Santa, off course, Christmas Eve.
This year, as was last Christmas as well, it has
just been me that has moved the days onto the tree,
times change, your children grow up, and you may be
heavy hearted some days, but these family traditions
are what wonderful memories are all about. I can't
imagine a Christmas without this hanging in our home

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