Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have never had the tree up before December,
EVER, but when you have both of your daughters
over on the same weekend, and it's mid November,
you decide what the heck, lets do this. :)
I decorated the tree all by myself last year,
the first time since the girls we little, and
I must say, I didn't like the experience at all.
This year, our tree will once again be a family
Christmas Tree. So, Nov.16th, let's do this.

Now, there is one thing I have to admit,
the lights and I do not get along, never
have, and so Amy, not wanting a repeat of
every other year, of mom yelling a them,
made me sit this part out, oh darn.

Of course, you know I said a few
things while it was happening, about
placement etc, and I was given that
look, you know the one, like 'mom,
I'm getting it, don't worry' look.
And yes, when she was done, it was
just perfect, why did I doubt her ;)

While Amy was the light girl, Jordyn
was now the garland girl, and this
garland she is placing on the tree in
these photos is beyond special to me.
You see, when she was about 6 or 7, mom
taught her how to crochet, and all she
could do was crochet a straight line.
So mom, having given her leftover wool
in Christmas colors, just let her go.
Eventually, when she stopped, we had
this length that stretched from one side
of our backyard to the other. Now what
were we going to do with that? Ah, wait,
I had an idea, let's put it on the tree
as garland this year. She was so proud,
and every year since, it's been on our tree.


After they sorted out all our ornaments,
I let them both just decorate, I just
sat back with my hot drink, watching them
decorate, and no arguing either, something
to be said about them not living together
any more I guess, lol.

Now, usually, when the tree is all
decorated, it's Tim's job to add the
Angel to the top of the tree, but our
Angel is too heavy for our new, smaller
tree, so he thought this was a much
better tree topper for this year. I did
too, but unfortunately, he wears it each
and every day, so it was a conflict of
interest for him. 

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  1. What a beautiful story to go with a gorgeous tree.