Saturday, November 15, 2014

First Family Time of the Christmas Season 2014

This was the first time that both girls have
visited us on the island at the same time.
And we made the most of it, that is for sure.
It started with me and the girls heading out on
Saturday morning to hit our favorite stores, and
look at all the fun stuff out for Christmas. Our
first stop was Target, where we took silly pictures
in silly hats or glasses :)

Later in the day, we drove up to Cobble
Hill, to check out the free Christmas
light display at Merridale Cider Works,
and although it was a decently mild night,
Tim still complained about being cold, how
did I ever think he would have survived a
Northern Ontario winter? I was quite surprised
when he grabbed some Santa hats and took a
photo each with both of our girls. I love
these next two photos. I love my family.

Afterwards, we drove back to town, and
went to the Brickyard for pizza. It was
such a great day, and I'm so thankful we
could start out the holiday season just
the four of us, like old times. I miss our
family unit, I miss us all being together.
Time changes, we move forward, but sometimes,
stepping back is muchly needed for this mom.

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