Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Days- Day 6

My main task today was to get all my cards written, and yes, I hand write each message, greetings, etc in all my cards, so it is a bit time consuming to get them all done. It usually takes me a few hours to do so, but I feel it's so much more meaningful and touching to those receiving my greetings.

The cards I found this year at Micheal's are so awesome, the are like knit sweaters, they have raised patterns and velvet like flocking that gives them texture as well. And the cards were such a great deal as well, only $1.50 for 6 of them.

Getting all my things together in one space and having a warm mug
of hot chocolate puts me in the mood to send out greetings of joy
and love to friends and family all over the globe. I always make a
list, and seem to remember people as I go, so it's constantly
growing as my card writing evening goes on. I also love how
Canada post has made these cute gingerbread men stamps
for the holidays this year, and like the books they come in.

A collage of my cards, my greetings, this one is a silly example, but it's
to my brother in law and his family and this is how we roll... :) I also ended
up using more cards then I originally thought I'd use, hence, the ever
growing I'm thankful I had these snowman cards on hand from
last year, a gift from my mom in a snowman stationary kit. And last,
but certainly not least, the annual Christmas Seals that come every
year from the Lung Association, and I always send a donation back.

And we are ready for a walk over to the post office to mail out all
our greetings and cheer to our friends and family for another
 wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas to all....

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