Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Days- Day 5

Day 5 the focus was getting mom's parcel ready for Canada Post to deliver it by Christmas. I'm usually good about getting it out the first week of December, but there have been a few years, that I get stressed because the second week of December arrives and I haven't gotten it out. One year I remember being so sad because my Dad's parcel didn't get there before Christmas, and he was so far away, and I was so sad he had nothing to open on Christmas morning....but I digressed, sorry, but all my thoughts these days seem to circle around back to my dad....boy, I'm having trouble with this Christmas and him not being with us anymore.

Anyways, back to mom's Christmas gifts....yes, I spoiled her more then usual this year, probably making up for Dad's passing, our first Christmas without him, and for the fact that she's thousands of miles away from me, and I miss her terribly..

Amy and I sat down on the living room floor on Tues evening
and wrapped gifts, I just did all my mom's, while she did all
that she had so far. I picked the fun papers I thought would
help to brighten mom's mood as she opened her gifts on
Christmas morning. I'm hoping that her skype works so
we can actually see each other in the morning.

I decided that I would make her tags for each of
her gifts, and each one was different from the next.

Love adding ribbons and bows to my gifts, but
have to be careful when doing my mom's because
they will get all squished in the packing box if
I add to much, so just enough to make it look pretty.

I have two more photos I will add to my actual Dec
Daily album showing all the presents and the other
is a close up of the tags I made for her gifts.

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