Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Days- Day 4

A day of focusing on relationships today. Especially that of my two daughters. Their relationship, at best, is more one of tolerating each other, tham hanging out being best friends. Now that being said, every once in a while, they surprise me and actually spend time together, without anyone holding a gun to their heads. Today, while I was a work, the girls actually hung out together for a few hours, each getting a Starbucks favorite  and then heading out to do a bit of shopping. And yes, the photo of the two of them was just to appease their mother, and yes, I did text them and insist they take one, but it was all in the interest of my December Daily Album, so I'm forgiven right? Just a few simple photos from their day today, one from Jordyn's IG, the drinks, and the other from Amy's IG of her sister....and instead of just posting the three individual photos, I decided it would be fun to use this festive Christmas frame from my Instaframe app on my Iphone.

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