Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Days- Day 3

Still running with the creative vibe today....something is in the air I think, really, I haven't been crafty in ages, and all of a sudden, wham! Today's project was something I have seen over and over again on Pinterest, and although mine isn't a legit snowglobe, because it's waterless, it still has a wonderful vintage feel of traditional snowglobe in my opinion.

I have had this old looking jar for a few years now, and decided it would be the
best container for trying out my skill at making a snow globe. This project was
actually made completely out of on hand objects, so I didn't invest any extra
money into the making of this. I started by simply using my glue gun to start
adhering different elements to the inside part of the jar's lid, so that I could
flip the closed jar over and nothing would shift or fall. Once I had all the items
glued onto the lid, I added snow ( epsom salts actually) into the bottom of the
empty jar, then turning the lid upside down, I screwed it into place, and then
tipped the jar right side up, allowing the snow to fall around the scene I made.
Afterwards, I decided that it was missing something, so added a bit of detail to
the top of the upside down jar...I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

My newest addition to my kitchen counter for the Christmas season. Love the
 festive feel to it, and how all the glowing glass jars fill my space with happiness.

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