Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Days 2012- Dec 2nd

It's only day two, yet I have more then one story I want to tell, so it makes me so thankful that I am also doing Project Life, so I can just reflect on one story for today, yet on all my happenings in my Project Life for the week.

After thinking long and hard, and going back and forth a little bit, I've decided that what I want to share most is seeing my creativity come together today. All week, with the help of inspiration on Pinterest, I've gotten the bug again to make things, create things for my home, and my country yearnings are also back in full swing. One day, I will live in a log cabin, or an old farmhouse, and can surround myself with all things country, but for now, as I digress, I will keep myself happy in my little home, with my handmade goodies.

I found links to download these awesome chalkboard
looking Christmas sayings, and instead of putting
them into frames, Tim cut me wood at work, which
I then painted black, then adhered the sayings to.

This candle holder came about when I was looking out
back at a jobsite, looking for tree branches, and instead,
found a pile of old bricks, and knew I could transform
it. I knew I wanted to make it work for pillar candles, yet
I wasn't sure how many candles it would hold. or what
I'd add to make it Christmas worthy. After deciding on
six candles, I then added small pieces of pine leaves,
and some faux berries for a burst of color.. Love it!

Ever have one of those ideas swarming around in your head,
and not know if it would work out the way you envisioned
it to be??? Well, I almost jumped up and down with joy when
I say how this came together, just how I had envisioned.
And this was so inexpensive, as it was just scraps of
wood from works and a couple of bottles of acrylic
paint from the dollar store. For only a few bucks, and
about 3 hours total of labour, I now have a custom
Christmas you believe???

And the Noel sign was no disappointment either,
I was on a roll with my sign making for our front
stoop. Love the rugged look these have, almost
already weathered looking. Love country style.

And how my signs look on the front it.

But on a side not, the signs made it so I needed to
go out and buy the Santa figure so it looked more
cohesive and told more of the story. 

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  1. Love your scrappy style!! I've recently started the "collecting" phase of PL....dabbled a little but not like yours. Love them!
    Cheers Lisa!