Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Days 2012- Dec 1st

Like I did last year, I will be posting my December Days post each day (or at least try to) and then, when I can, I will transfer the stories, memories and photos into my actual December Daily album. I find by doing it this way, I am more inclined to tell a full story, since it's so fresh in my mind, and also, this helps me already determine what the daily story will be.

So today's story is the story of our tree, a tradition in it's own, with me doing the lights, until, as per usual, I get too angry to deal with them, and then Amy usually finishes dealing with them, then I do all the garland, and our garland all has a story, from the crocheted one Jordyn made way back in grade 4, so the one I crocheted just last year, to the ribbon chains made different years, to the simple paper gingerbread one I made when we first moved over to Surrey, and I discovered how to diecut at Precious Memories. Once I am done, its time for me to sit back and enjoy the process as the girls decorate the tree, reliving past Christmas's with stories of the ornaments they recieved, favorite ones and ones that are special for whatever reason.

This is the tree after I've added all the garland. I always hate the
poor lighting indoors at this time of year. Bad quality photos each
and every year....sheesh!!!

This year was a big adjustment for me, and I am a
traditionalist, believe in having our traditions and
doing things the same each year, but this is the first
year that both girls have serious boyfriends, and they
really are a part of our lives now as well, so I agreed to
allowing them to help with the decorating of the tree.

As usual, Tim's only job is to put our Angel on top of
the tree, after all of the decorating has been done.

And this year, it's a couple picture for each of the girls,
instead of just each of them for the annual picture.
Jordyn and Jeff really do look happy together,
and that makes my heart happy too.

Amy and Daniel, after a few shots, in which Daniel
was being his usual silly self. I am so happy that
they are spending their first Christmas together,
and that this may be the last Christmas were Amy
or even Jordyn may be still living at home.
Thank you to the four of you for filling our home
with love and new memories for me to cherish always.

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