Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Days - Day 21

Stockings are not hung by the chimney with care, nor filled by Santa anymore, but by me, mom!!!

Yup, I miss those magical days, where I would sneak into my room, late on Christmas Eve, and get those stockings stuffed for Santa to put under the tree, to see their eyes light up in the morning, when they saw full stockings laying beside all those presents left by the Jolly Old St, Nick. I miss the innocence, the magic, the belief in Santa. But as our children get older, and turn into adults themselves, I still try to hold onto some of that Christmas magic, and I'm so glad that they play along too. Sometimes, its the beliefs in family, love and tradition, that go a long time after they stop believing, that make memories of Christmas past so much more precious.

Today I got all my stocking gifts wrapped, and overstuffed into two stockings almost bursting at the seems.

I took photos of the goodies, and the stuffed stockings afterwards, but will include them in my album after Christmas, but not now, not here, where, should they actually check out my blog, see what goodies lie under that wrapping paper.

I was so sad this year, that I didn't have a full enough roll of paper left
to wrap each girl's stuff in one kind of paper.

I made the girls these stocking so long ago, that I don't really
know how long its been now, nor do I remember which color is
who's, but I do know that they know these were made with
love from me, their mom, and will hopefully still be
in use for many more years to come.

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